Neil Scott-Barbour


Neil was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK and has lived and
traveled around the world. Neil was trained as an actor during
his early years growing up in Britain. In 2009 God spoke to Neil
to use the voice gifts He had given him during those early acting
classes! He began to use these gifts of authentic, distinctive British
voices (and a variety of others) to record business voiceovers
and on-hold messaging. He also became in demand as a
Master of Ceremonies at special events. Further guided by God
he then created an entertainment niche as a voice actor or
expressive reader to residents of Senior Living and Care
Communities as well as other facilities primarily catering to the
aging population, such as Adult Day Care Centers and Rehab
Centers** (see below for more detailed information about this
area of activity) This then expanded to include readings at
children’s day care centers and hospitals. He now also narrates
fiction and non-fiction audiobooks for adults and children.


**Expressive reading
Neil has a passion for creating and bringing joy, smiles, laughter
and inspiration to the souls of both young and old! He uses his
voice acting talent to perform expressive readings using a
diverse selection of humorous and serious material including short
stories, poetry, quotes and jokes from many different authors.


Neil recently gave his Christian Testimony for the 3:15 Project, if you are interested you can watch below: